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MilliBox – Anechoic Test Chambers for MMW / mmWave Radar, 5G Fixed Wireless Access and Backhaul

MmWave Test Solutions is a technical representative focusing on millimeter wave test chambers for ADAS Radar and mmWave communications markets, typical frequencies 24GHz / 28GHz / 39GHz / 60GHz / 77GHz.

We are representing MilliBox exclusively in EMEA and India on behalf of Milliwave Silicon Solutions.


anechoic mmWave and Radar test chambers

Cost effective by Design

3D gimbal

High resolution, laser guided calibration

MilliBox is a compelling solution for radiation pattern measurement in most mmWave applications since it covers 18GHz to 95GHz with 50dB absorption. MilliBox supports the fast growing applications in 5G (NR) at 24GHz, 28Ghz and 39GHz, and automotive radar at 77GHz and 81GHz where many companies are trying to address their lab requirements. Additionally, there is also a strong activity at 60Ghz for 802.11ad/ay, access and backhaul infrastructure and other proprietary unlicensed implementations.

MilliBox is designed to allow companies in these applications to step up their test environment in a fast, flexible and cost-efficient way.

One MilliBox™for each Radar or mmWave Engineer

Acquisition times for high-resolution mmWave testing is a bottleneck, as is standing in line to a full-sized centralized anechoic chamber for singular serial testing.

The cost-effectiveness of MilliBox™ allows for one on each engineer’s desk and for tests to be parallelized to increase organizational efficiency and test quality.

MilliBox 2 Radar test chamber

Cost-effective mmWave test and quality results


Flexible and fitted to real-life engineering tasks


Meets all requirements for daily test cases


MilliBox Background


Milliwave Silicon Solution Inc. engineers are all coming from a 15 years long experience in designing mmWave consumer grade solutions and devices. Getting in early in this space, Milliwave soon found out that there were only two options for radiation pattern measurement on the market: Either go to a typical large anechoic chamber or an OTA system and spend several hundred thousand dollars on it, or go to the hardware store and robotic shop and make something up from scratch.

The problem with the first option is that it is not scaling to Radar and mmWave design effort needs. Even with small teams in Radar and mmWave, the access need to a radiation pattern tool is substantial. The phase array antenna designers, the MMIC designers, the beam forming algorithm designers, all need nearly continuous access, a single chamber or apparatus is not going to cut it as it used to for microwave designs.

The problem with the second option is that good designs are always about experience. It is hard to get right the first time, many aspects of the problem are always overlooked, like wire tangling, open software control, repeatability, part supply. Additionally, this cost significant engineering effort that are diverted into building their own tools instead of building their end product.

With MilliBox, the concept was that if all own experience building those for years could end with a solution flexible enough to satisfy most needs for the equivalent of the cost of a few man months , this would address a real problem that many Radar and mmWave teams face nowadays.

That’s how MilliBox came to be.

Milliwave Silicon Solutions selects mmWave Test Solutions to represent MilliBox for EMEA and India regions

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