Antenna Test Chambers and 3D Positioners

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Antenna test and measurement systems for mmWave, 5G, and radar in R&D and manufacturing

Our anechoic antenna test chambers range from desktop-size to walk-in-sized 3-, 5- and 10-meter test ranges. They are all equipped with best-in-class absorbers rated up to 110 GHz. Therefore, the chambers are also ready for next generation radar applications.

The test chambers are modular and reconfigurable for greater far-field distance. Even our walk-in sized anechoic chambers are non-permanent installations, so you can bring them to a new location if needed.

If you need a chamber for low-volume manufacturing antenna tests, we can fit our AC1120 with welded frontloading and sideloading frame systems.

Antenna test chambers and positioners from mmWave Test Solutions
DUO positioners from mmWaveTest

3D positioners for heavy DUTs and high precision

The DUO-series is a line of 3D positioners for small to larger DUT/AUTs. The arm width on our largest positioner spans 83 cm. This allows enough room for 5G-NR, gNodeB, CPE, and Fixed Wireless Access applications. It can even hold large enclosures like complete side mirror with 77 – 81 GHz radar units.  

DUO antenna positioners use a closed-loop motor drive system for reliable positioning. They are engineered and dimensioned to be precise under max load, and will position large DUTs up to 18 kg while keeping high precision. 

Together with the AC1120 and AC1224 the DUO 3D positioners form attractive full-size solutions for any radar and mmWave antenna tests and measurements.

Customized designs and add-ons

Because not all DUTs are the same, antenna test setups must be flexible but sometimes even the most adaptable measurement systems are not sufficient. That is why we offer custom-designed solutions.

We design and manufacture manual and motorized solutions. The designs use CNC-machined wood, polymer plastic, aluminum, steel, and ABS for 3D print for non-structural parts.

Our team has done numerous designs for customers needing something special, such as semi-open chambers for testing glass permittivity impact in 5G-NR applications and motorized dual-polarization horn mounts.

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Contact us, let us know what you need, so we can discuss how we can help.

Isolation box


AC520 Isolation test chamber by mmWaveTest

Flexible Chambers


AC1120 antenna test chamber

Full-size Chambers


AC1120 anechoic chamber

Walk-in Test Range


AC1224 full-size anechoic chamber by mmWaveTest

DUO Positioners


DUO positioners from mmWaveTest

D60 Positioners

Diamond Engineering

Diamond Engineering D6050

Spectrum Analyzer

SAF Tehnika

SAF Spectrum Compact spectrum analyzer

New! DUO4.5 positioner

MmWave Test Solutions launch a new DUO antenna positioner. The new DUO4.5 positioner fills a demand for a positioner that offers the adjustability and size of the DUO3.5, paired with the astonishing DUO4 accuracy. The DUO4.5 use dual...

New OTA antenna positioners

DUO3.5 and DUO5.5 Two new OTA antenna positioners in the DUO series. The DUO 3.5 introduces a sliding DUT/AUT arm to adjust DUT depth easily. A bracketing arm system allows rapid changes between DUTs of varying depth without DUT plate adapters or...

Discount on SAF Tehnika Spectrum Analyzers

Our partner SAF Tehnika is now offering their line of Compact Spectrum Analyzers at a 10% discount.  These are great products, accurate and easy to use. Contact us at [email protected] to set up the demonstration! 

AC1224 (GEN2) antenna test chamber

MmWave Test Solutions now launch a new generation (GEN2) of the AC1224 antenna test chamber. As the first generation AC1224, the new one is modular and walk-in sized.New features The new AC1224 (GEN2) chamber uses an entirely new aluminum frame...