Modular mmWave Antenna Test Range

3, 5 and 10 m mmWave antenna test chambers in a modular format for 5G and automotive radar.

AC1224M – a modular mmWave antenna test chamber

A high performing mmWave antenna test range. We use best-in-class mmWave pyramidal absorbers. Whether you choose 115 mm or 300 mm thick absorbers, they have excellent reflection properties across the 5G mmWave and automotive radar bands. The comparison is listed at the bottom of the page.

Your investment is protected. You can reconfigure the chamber size as your needs evolve and make it bigger or split it into smaller chambers. Unlike a permanently installed test range or Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR), you will never need to spend money on a professional team of moving people to disassemble and relocate it. 

Easy to assemble and disassemble. Assembly and disassembly only require two people. Disassemble the test chamber and move it to another office location if needed, or take it to your customer that you have collaborative R&D efforts with.

Modular mmWave antenna test range for automotive radar and 5G
middlesection of mmwave antenna test range - here shown without floor absorbers

Lightweight and robust 

The frame structure and rigid panels provide a stabile, interlocking chamber design no matter the size of the assembled test chamber.

All parts and brackets are CNC machined and clearly marked to allow a straight forward assembly process. All needed tools are in the shipment together with clear step-by-step instructions.

Unpacking and assembling an H 240 cm x W240 cm x L 360 cm test chamber can be completed in just a few hours.

 The modular format provides you versatility for changes in antenna test requirements and dynamic business environments.

A flexible, modular construction

The AC1224M modular antenna test chamber is constructed from 120 cm x 240 cm modules, and is configurable anywhere from H 240 cm x W 240 cm x L 360 cm and upwards. 

The concept provides maximum flexibility so that you can add more modules and expand your chamber as your requirements change. Or, you can take your 10-meter antenna test range and split it into two 5-meter chambers by adding end-walls and a door.

A full wall panel with 300 mm absorbers weighs 38 kg, and a 115 mm absorber panel weighs just 24 kg. This lightweight construction allows the assembly to be done by only two people.

anechoic antenna test chamber wall - 300 mm absorber

Configuration examples

 DescriptionOuter SizeWall panelsCeiling panelsFloor panelsDoors

AC1224M 2-2-3 1D

3 modules long, 240 cm wide, with one door

W 240 cm

H 240 cm

L 360 cm

9 units

(3 left, 3 right, 2 for one end wall, and one for the door end-wall)

3 units3 units1 unit
AC1224M 2-2-4 2D4 modules long, 240 cm wide, with 1 door in each end

W 240 cm

H 240 cm

L 480 cm

10 units

(4 left, 4 right, one for each of the end-walls)

4 units4 units2 units
AC1224M 2-2-9 4D8 modules long, 240 wide, with one door in each of the four walls

W 240cm

H 240 cm

L 960 cm

18 units

(7 left, 7 right, two for each of the door end-walls)

8 units

8 units

4 units

 NOTE: All configurations are available with either 100 mm or 300 mm absorber.

AC1224M mmwave test range
AC1224M 2-2-3 1D
AC1224M mmwave test chamber with extra modules
AC1224M 2-2-4 1D
Absorber performance

Reflection loss at vertical incidence (-dB @ GHz)

115 mm2528364350505050505050
300 mm4046505251515050505050

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middlesection of mmwave antenna test chamber
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