Modular mmWave Antenna Test Range

Panel-based modular test chambers for near-field and far-field microwave and mmWave measurements of 5G, radar, and radome applications.

AC1224 chambers from mmWaveTest

Modular and affordable mmWave antenna test range

A high-performing mmWave antenna test chamber. The AC1224 uses pyramidal 115 mm and 300 mm absorbers with excellent reflectivity properties across microwave, mmWave, and automotive radar bands. They are heavily slush-loaded and use the latest-generation surface coating for sustained RF performance and mechanical strength. The comparison is listed at the bottom of the page.

Your investment is protected. You can reconfigure your chamber size as your company evolves. All versions are modular, making it possible to increase depth or even reconfigure it into smaller anechoic chambers. Unlike a permanently installed test range or Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR), assembly and disassembly is an effort you can undertake yourself, and you will never need a team of specialists to disassemble and relocate it. 

Easy to assemble. The AC1224 is designed for low-cost/inexpensive installation. All panels and beams can be carried by hand by one or two people, and the chamber is designed to require only hand tools for assembly and disassembly. As no cranes or scissor lifts are needed, building the chamber in locations with difficult access, like sky risers, lofts, narrow door passages, cellars, and similar, is possible.

Following the step-by-step instructions, assembling an AC1224-240-3 chamber is completed in less than two days.

Inside AC1224 (GEN2) 9.6 m x 3.6 m
AC1224 (GEN2) assembly
AC1224 extension module

Robust and lightweight 

The all-aluminum frame structure, combined with the plywood panels, provides as little as 85 kg / m2 (17.4 lb. /sq ft) load on the floor; possibly the lowest number in this market. This is especially important when installing in old buildings, lofts, or rooms with raised floors.

All panels, beams, brackets, and panels are CNC machined and provide a stable, interlocking chamber design for both the AC1224-240 and the AC1224-360, no matter the depth of the assembled test chamber.

A flexible, configurable construction

The AC1224 modular antenna test chamber is configurable anywhere from H 2.4 m x W 2.4 m x L 3.6 m (8 ft x 8 ft x 12 ft) and upwards. An even wider 3.6 m (12 ft) version is also available, and the AC1224 can be scaled to even larger sizes if needed. Learn more below and contact us for more information on scalability and other sizes. 


The AC1224-240 chamber has three different module types: a door module with two doors, a center module, and an end module. Width and height is ~240 cm x ~240 cm, and each module is ~120 cm long. The chamber can be extended from 1 center module and up to as many as your application requires, and if you need access from both ends of the chamber you can have a door module in each. 

The AC1224-240 panel sizes are ~120 x 240 cm. They weigh only 24 kg with 115 mm absorbers which makes the handling and installation possible by only two people.


The even wider and taller AC1224-360 version has a width and height of 3.6 m x 3.6 m (12 ft x 12 ft x 12 ft.) and would typically start as a 4-module configuration with one door module, two center modules, and one end module. As the AC1224-240, it can be extended endlessly.

The AC1224-360 panel sizes are ~120 x 180 cm, and the weigh of each panel is18 kg with 115 mm absorbers, and 28 kg with 300 mm absorbers. This makes the handling and assembly of the chamber practical.

AC1224-360 SPLIT

Introducing an innovative feature for the AC1224-360 chamber: a unique end module with removable center panels to create a 2.4 by 2.4 m open aperture inside the full chamber.

By sliding apart the two chamber halves and removing or inserting the end-wall pieces, the AC1224-360 SPLIT serves a dual purpose: It transitions between a spacious single chamber or two separate, enclosed chambers with half the length, doubling the test capacity when needed.

The possibilities and unmatched adaptability of the AC1224-360 SPLIT are designed to exceed your expectations.


Colorado-based Invictus Animus and mmWave Test Solutions are launching the AC1224-360-IA chamber system.

The system includes an AC1224-360-4, a positioner (eg. the UNO6), software for spherical near-field and far-field data acquisition, and a real-time control system running the positioner and VNA synchronous allowing for continuous data acquisition without stopping.

We are combining the best of both worlds: Modular, effective chambers and positioners paired with unique software, and a real-time control system.

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Number of modules
Exterior dimensions
Internal dimensions tip-to-tip (115 mm absorbers)
Internal dimensions tip-to-tip (300 mm absorbers)
Door modules
Number of doors in a door module
Extension modules
3 (door, extension, end)
W 264 cm, H270 cm, L 376 cm
W 219 cm, H 219 cm, L 341 cm
W 181 cm, H 181 cm, L 300 cm
1 or 2
1 or 2
4 (door, 2 ext., end)
W 264 cm, H 270 cm, L 498 cm
W 219 cm, H 219 cm, L 463 cm
W 181 cm, H 181 cm, L 422 cm
1 or 2
1 or 2
5 (door, 3 ext., end)
W 264 cm, H 270 cm, L 620 cm
W 219 cm, H 219 cm, L 585 cm
W 181 cm, H 181 cm, L 544 cm
1 or 2
1 or 2
W 264 cm, H 270 cm, L 120 cm
W 218 cm, H 218 cm, L 120 cm
W 181 cm, H 181 cm, L 120 cm
W 382 cm, H 389 cm, L 494 cm
W 334 cm, H 334 cm, L 458 cm
W 300 cm, H 300 cm, L 421 cm
1 or 2
W 382 cm, H 389 cm, L 616 cm
W 334 cm, H 334 cm, L 580 cm
W 300 cm, H 300 cm, L 543 cm
1 or 2
W 382 cm, H 389 cm, L 738 cm
W 334 cm, H 334 cm, L 702 cm
W 300 cm, H 300 cm, L 665 cm
W 382 cm, H 389 cm, L 122 cm
W 334 cm, H 334 cm, L 122 cm
W 300 cm, H 122 cm, L 122 cm

Contact us for more information about available configurations and accessories.

Absorber performance

Reflection loss at vertical incidence (-dB @ GHz)

2 3 6 12
115 mm 25 28 36 43
300 mm 40 46 50 52
18 24 39 60
115 mm 50 50 50 50
300 mm 51 51 50 50
77 100 110
115 mm 50 50 50
300 mm 50 50 50

Need more information about AC1124 custom configurations and extension modules?

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