We have expanded our AC1224 walk-in antenna test chamber line with the introduction of the AC1224-360 SPLIT. This new split-chamber version of the AC1224-360 offers increased adaptability and functionality, allowing users to switch between a single, spacious chamber and two separate, enclosed chambers with half the length, effectively doubling the test capacity when required.

The AC1224-360 SPLIT features a unique end module with removable center panels, facilitating the transition between the two configurations. One half-chamber moves on linear rails, and by sliding apart the two chamber halves and adjusting the end-wall pieces, users can efficiently reconfigure the chamber as needed.

With panel sizes of only 1.2 x 1.8 m (4 x 6 ft.), the chamber parts can be easily hand-carried through narrow pathways or on stairs. Moreover, the AC1224 series is designed for practicality, as these antenna test chambers are assembled from the inside out, requiring minimal workspace during assembly. This makes them suitable for labs, offices, and basements with limited building space.

Similar to the standard 3.6 x 3.6 m (12 x 12 ft.) modular AC1224-360, the AC1224-360 SPLIT can be ordered with extended depth by adding more modules. The chambers come with 115 mm (4.5 in.), 300 mm (12 in.) absorbers, or a mix of both, catering to radar, microwave, and mmWave antenna test applications.

The AC1224-360 series, including the new AC1224-360 SPLIT, is available for immediate global shipping. Compatibility with DUO and UNO positioners from mmWave Test Solutions adds to the flexibility of the chambers. For detailed technical information on the AC1224, visit the product page, or contact us directly for a discussion about your specific needs. 

AC1224 chambers from mmWaveTest

The AC1224 test chambers are walk-in-sized modular test chambers available in different widths and heights. Learn more about the AC1224 chambers here.