AC888 Antenna Test Chamber

Anechoic test chamber for radar, mmWave, and 5G NR Over-The-Air (OTA) measurements

Horizontal / Vertical Test Chamber

The AC888 is a compact, modular and flexible radar and mmWave chamber for antenna test and measurements. It can be placed in the standard horizontal way, but it is designed to also support vertical use. This is a valued feature for small labs and customers who need multiple chambers side by side.

The chamber is large and offers 66 cm (26”) internal tip-to-tip distance between the absorbers in height and width.

We use best-in-class absorbers for our chambers, and the AC888 is no exception, with absorbers rated at -50 dB from 18 GHz up to 130 GHz and beyond. The exterior length of the AC888 is 180 cm and has an interior distance between absorber tips of 157 cm.  For details on far-field distances vs antenna sizes and frequencies, please visit our far-field overview.

AC888 test chamber by mmWaveTest

We sized the AC888 to fit with the typical phased array antenna sizes, weights, and use cases in the mmWave and radar domain. The chamber is pre-cut for mounting the DUO3, DUO3.5 or the DUO4.5 positioner. This gives you a good selection to suit your test requirements.

The AC888 uses the same construction principles as in the AC1120, with an interlocked modular panel system that makes a robust self-supporting construction. The self-supporting structure is strong and the best approach when a chamber reaches this size, making it possible for the AC888 to be placed horizontally or vertically.

We design and produce custom accessories for all our chambers and can make unique cutouts to fit your test equipment if required. Contact us and let us know what modifications you need.

Horn mount and trihedral mount for test chambersl

Floor mounts and wall mounts are available for different horns and trihedral reflectors. The chamber has plenty of room below it for your instruments, and it even has an outside shelf monted to the target wall for instruments.

The chamber ships with two stands and two sets of closures; one for vertical use and one for horizontal.

A complete antenna measurement system

The DUO3 and DUO4 antenna positioners, combined with the AC888 chamber, form an attractive test solution for radar and mmWave antenna test and measurement. The DUO3 and DUO4 antenna positioners/gimbals solve two different test requirements (see the finer details here), but use the same intelligent controller and reference application software.

Contact us for more info on how we can meet your needs: [email protected]

Modular AC888 test chamber with DUO3.5 antenna positioner
The main differences between AC888-180 and AC1120-240

Size – The AC888 has a smaller footprint than the AC1120, and tighter internal dimensions; see the table below.

Cost –  The AC888 chamber is a cost-down version of the AC1120: same quality but lower manufacturing cost.

Modularity – Individual panels for both chambers, and both can be extended.

If you are not sure which one for you, the AC888 or the AC1120, you should read our FAQ that covers the detailed considerations. We are pricing our chambers and positioners competitively, even against the DIY scenario, which – as it turns out – most often is an expensive route to choose.

We constantly have new developments ongoing. If  you can describe your specific requirements and test setup, we can provide you with a proposal and quote, even for the products not yet listed on our website. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

AC888 (left) vs AC1120-240 (right)
Number of modules
Exterior dimensions (without stand)
Internal dimensions tip-to-tip
Door modules
Extension modules
Far-field distance (depends on positioner DUT arm depth)
W 92 cm, H 92 cm, L 183 cm
W 66 cm, H 66 cm, L 157 cm
135 cm
W 92 cm, H 92 cm, L 90 cm
W 66 cm, H 66 cm, L 90 cm
+90 cm
AC888-Horizontal Stand
W 77 cm, H 61 cm, L 163 cm
AC888-Vertical Stand
W 75 cm, H 38 cm, L 75 cm
Absorber performance

Reflection loss at vertical incidence (-dB @ GHz)

2 3 6 10 18 24 39 60 77 100 110 130 
115 mm 25 28 36 41 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50

Need a high-precision positioner for large or heavy DUT’s?

The DUO positioners fit perfectly in the AC888 and AC1120 chambers.

Read more here.

AC1224 antenna test range by mmWaveTest
AC1224M (GEN2) antenna test chamber

Need a walk-in sized, modular antenna test range?

Read about the mmWaveTest AC1124.