The DUO Antenna Positioners

High load, high precision, full-sized 3D antenna positioners for mmWave and radar development

The DUO series is a line of 3D positioners/gimbals for larger and heavier DUTs. The positioners are for testing 5G-NR, gNodeB, CPE, and Fixed Wireless Access applications.

The positioners are CNC-manufactured in PET polymer for low stray reflections and highest rigidity and can rotate a DUT / AUT at high resolution and precision in 3D.

Our designs use best-in-class components to guarantee accuracy and reliability under all test conditions and loads. They offer the best possible precision in their class.

Together with the anechoic chamber AC1120 and the AC1224 compact antenna test range, the DUO 3D positioners form attractive full-size solutions for any radar and mmWave antenna test and measurement.

We constantly engage in custom modifications. If you need a narrow positioner or have other special requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

DUO positioners from mmWaveTest
Precision-engineered designs for professional antenna development

The DUO positioners hold a DUT spanning up to 50 cm width and allow for measuring large directional, beam-shaping antennas or large DUTs like side mirrors with 77 – 81 GHz radar units.

All our positioners are rigid, precise designs for professional applications, and they have autonomous, closed-loop, and intelligent motor drive systems for reliable positioning and ease of use. The rotational platforms (turntables) and gears support high load, high resolution, and high repeatable accuracy.

We use a calibrated laser device for initial alignment. Furthermore, we have added quality homing sensors to allow accurate measurements after cold boot-up without going through the realignment procedure.

The DUO antenna positioners are designed for high repeatability and precision in Over-The-Air measurements in anechoic test chambers such as the AC1120 or the AC1224.

DUO5 mmWaveTest antenna positioner

The DUO5 positioner

DUO5 is for wide-beam and narrow-beam antenna measurements, and it offers 100% material transparency in the upper arms to reduce stray reflections effectively. All metal and motors are located low. All screws are in polymer plastics with fiberglass, and the mechanical structures are CNC-machined in polymer plastics (PET, POM/Delrin) for high rigidity and strength. Even the AUT/DUT arm bearings are in POM/Acetal instead of steel.

Our azimuth platform is an instrument-grade high-accuracy turntable. It is paired with a dual-motor setup, one for each of the elevation arms and single-stage gears for the highest accuracy and lowest backlash. We use intelligent closed-loop motor systems to secure that slip/stall errors will not occur.

The DUO5 metal-free upper arm design will perform well in all applications but is especially well suited for sensitive wide beam applications due to the metal-free arm construction.

The DUO5 is currently the largest 3D antenna positioner from mmWave Test Solutions. It holds AUTs / DUTs up to 14 kg (31 lb) and up to an impressive 50 cm (20″) in width.

The DUO4 positioner

The DUO4 design uses the same rigid construction that optimizes the DUO5 for narrow-beam measurements in applications like automotive radar sensors needing very high resolution and accuracy.

The elevation platform has a pair of high-accuracy rotational platforms mounted in the elevation axis in each of the positioner’s arms. These high-precision CNC-machined platforms deliver extreme resolution and repeatable accuracy.

The DUO4 also uses intelligent closed-loop motor systems for all three rotational so that slip/stall errors will not occur.

The DUO4 is currently the largest 3D antenna positioner from mmWave Test Solutions using the triple-rotational platform design. It holds AUTs / DUTs up to 4 kg (9 lb), and up to 35 cm (14″) in width.

DUO4 mmWaveTest positioner
Quick comparison: Two models, different objectives

The DUO antenna positioners share the same hardware and software platform but have distinct differences:

The DUO5 is designed for all wide beam and narrow-beam antenna applications. The upper arms are 100% metal-free to minimize all stray reflections effectively.

The DUO4 is optimized primarily for demanding ultra-narrow beam antenna applications like automotive sensors. To achieve the highest possible resolution and repeatable accuracy in elevation, the DUO4 uses two rotational platforms in aluminum in the upper arms.

 DUO4DUO4 antenna positioner for narrow beam radarDUO5DUO5 antenna positioner
3D Positioner dimensionsW 53 cm (”)

H 58  cm (”)

D 20 cm (”)

W 70 cm (28″)

H 58 cm (“)

D 30 cm (“)

Max AUT /DUT width


35cm (14”)

4kg (8 lb.)

50 cm (20″)

14 kg (31 lb.)

Full step native resolution (H,V)

Micro step resolution (H,V)

0.01°, 0.02°

0.005°, 0.005°

0.01°, 0.1°

0.005°, 0.05°

Mechanical customization OptionOption
12-ch azimuth slipring included (5-channels free)NoYes
Calibrated laser includedYesYes
Homing sensor system includedYesYes
Cradle arm length (DUT depth), one set included20 cm (8″) or 30 cm (12″) depth

Full custom upon quote

10 cm (4″) or 20 cm (8″) depth

Full custom upon quote

Custom DUT adaptersFull custom upon quoteFull custom upon quote
Software control systemSerial-over-USB 1.1

Python UI (source)

MATLAB UI (source)

Serial-over-USB 1.1

Python UI (source)

MATLAB UI (source)

Contact us for more information:

Control software reference implementation for MATLAB and Python are included in the system. Applications are delivered in source code and provided with clear, inline documentation to allow an easy adaptation to any other software environment.

The hardware controller system is chosen for its simplicity and native instruction designed for controlling multi-axis positioners. It makes it uncomplicated to develop a new application in any other software language you may prefer.

Matlab and Python ogo
DUO5-500 3D positioner in the AC1120 test chamber
DUO positioners + AC1120 anechoic chamber

The DUO positioners are designed to fit in the mmWave Test Solution AC1120 modular antenna test chamber. The AC1120’s internal 89 cm x 89 cm x 220 (or 160) cm dimension leaves a comfortable clearance to a rotating DUO positioner, even when it holds a large AUT/DUT.

The DUO + AC1120 is an excellent solution for antenna test and development in larger applications incl. 5G CPE, 5G gNodeB and mmWave 5G Small Cells.

Contact us for more information about test solutions:

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AC1224M mmwave test chamber with extra modules

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AC520 anechoic chamber front view

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