Seriously, who doesn’t like an awesome production video? We CNC-manufacture all of our AC1224-240 anechoic chambers in-house, but for our larger AC1224-360 model, we use laser tube cutting to ensure the perfect fit.

We recently had the opportunity to capture a Trumpf 7000 laser cutter in action while processing the AC1224 frame system, and we are excited to share this video with you. Precision is as good as our in-house process, but the production speed is just incredible!

Once the profiles are back in our production facility, we will post-process and add threaded inserts. After the final test assembly, we will pack and ship to the happy owner of the next large walk-in-sized mmWave test chamber.

The AC1224 test chambers are walk-in-sized modular test chambers available in different widths and heights. Learn more about the AC1224 chambers here.