MmWave Test Solutions launch a new DUO antenna positioner.

The new DUO4.5 positioner fills a demand for a positioner that offers the adjustability and size of the DUO3.5, paired with the astonishing DUO4 accuracy.

The DUO4.5 use dual instrument-grade platforms for the elevation axis. Together with the matching larger platform for azimuth, it lays the fundament for best-in-class antenna measurement performance in all applications.

“Our team has had a busy year supplying DUO positioners, and we are delighted to add the DUO4.5 to the family,” said Christian Petersen, founder of MmWaveTest. “Designing mmWave array antennas is complex, and testing with the highest predictable accuracy is critical. The new DUO 4.5 fills a void in the AI automotive navigation, aviation, defense, and similar demanding applications.”

All the DUO positioners include an intelligent 3-axis controller, all controller cables, calibrated laser, a 100-240V 24V 260W power supply, and reference application in Python and MATLAB.

As a member of the DUO family, the new DUO4.5 is a rigid, CNC-machined construction that offers high performance for heavy use. DUO4.5 is available immediately.

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