MmWave Test Solutions deliver mmWave anechoic chambers and high-precision positioners across the world to R&D departments in need of an anechoic test environment with precision performance.

The product line is expanding with a system for low-volume manufacturing for customers in the early phases of production ramp-up.

Loading system for easy operation

The AC1120 chamber is a flexible and modular solution for any R&D department looking for a mmWave or radar test chamber. By adding a loading system, customers with low-volume manufacturing of mmWave, 5G-NR Over-The-Air, and 77GHz radar units can choose a cost-effective solution for their early production. The AC1120 manufacturing system allows you to move the DUT in and out of the chamber for easier operator handling, either manually operated or automated with a suitable motor plus controller system. The system uses rigid aluminum profiles mounted to the AC1120 chamber and is dimensioned for moving a DUT of up to 16 kilos into the test chamber.

Learn about the test AC1120 test chamber here, and about the DUO positioners here.

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