We are pleased to announce our new UNO6 positioner for spherical antenna measurements. The UNO6 utilizes roll-over-azimuth motion and is paired with an opposing mast with a roll-head to retain correct polarization. This classical Azimuth-Roll-Pol measurement approach offers the most unhindered line-of-sight by any positioner.

UNO6 spherical positioner in chamber

Minimal signal interference and maximum measurement accuracy

As with our other positioners, we have designed the UNO6 from modern design principles: No motors or metal near the AUT/DUT, precision CNC-machined parts combined with fiberglass, and non-reflective materials throughout the design. With its approximate five-foot height, the UNO6 will fit well in any walk-in-sized chamber or open-air condition.

The UNO6 is available immediately and ships worldwide.

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UNO6 fits perfectly in our large chambers

AC1224 anechoic chambers are modular, walk-in-sized chambers available in different widths and heights.