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New OTA antenna positioners

NEW DUO3.5 and DUO5.5 antenna positioners

DUO3.5 and DUO5.5

Two new OTA antenna positioners in the DUO series.

The DUO 3.5 introduces a sliding DUT/AUT arm to adjust DUT depth easily. A bracketing arm system allows rapid changes between DUTs of varying depth without DUT plate adapters or spacers. In addition, the DUO3.5 broader arm base holds DUT/AUT up to 30 cm (12”) in width.

The new DUO5.5 offers a sizeable capacity increase over the DUO5. The DUO5.5 can hold DUTs up to an impressive 83 cm (33”) width. It is ideal for testing antennas in large mechanical enclosures, including automotive side-view mirrors with radar sensors, vRAN / OpenRAN base station antennas, or gNodeB units with non-centered antenna placements.

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