Spectrum Analyzer measurement functions - what can I do ?

The Spectrum Compact delivers a wide range of functionality: 

  1. SWEEP CONTINUOUS – sets the Spectrum Analyzer in continuous measurement of a frequency spectrum
  2. FREQ – set start, stop and center frequencies
  3. SPAN – start center frequency, and bandwidth
  4. FULL SPAN – sets span to the maximum (17GHz)
  5. MARKER – measuring out power levels at a marked location either manually, or PEAK – automatically searching for the highest output level across the desired band
  6. POWER IN BAND – in-band measurement, input power in the specified bandwidth
  7. TRACE MODENORMAL (real-time), MAXHOLD stores the max value of all traces as a reference point
  8. CUMULATIVE show how energy distributes within the spectrum
  9. AVERAGE 2/4/8/16 show the average value over the last 2-16 sweeps, LEVEL sets min/max level value and allows compensation for an attenuator

 NOTE: for a comprehensive overview of Compact Spectrum, check the video review further down on this page. 



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They are portable and battery driven - Are they for outdoor use ?

Yes! They were designed for field network installers in the first place, so absolutely optimized for outdoor use: The Spectrum Compact series is weatherproof ( IP54 ), they use a resistive touch screen so they can be operated with gloves on, they run for 3-4 hours on battery and records data in internal memory to eliminate the need for a connected PC.

Accessories - what's in the package

The V-band and E-band Spectrum Analyzers are delivered with V-band or E-band antenna; Universal power supply 5.9 VDC; Micro USB to 3.5mm cable for audio; Micro USB cable for data; Water and shockproof case; Lanyard and PC software. 

The Spectrum Compact 24-40 GHz ships with RF 2.92mm cable, AC/DC USB-C charger, Leather bag, USB-C – USB-C Cable, USB-A – USB-C adapter, Lanyard, Waveguide adapters 24-33 GHz and 26-40 GHz, and PC software. 

Video reviews of the Spectrum Compact mmWave series?

We came across this video review quite recently: Shahriar from “The Signal Path” is an expert within his field and knows what he is looking for, and he is smitten with the performance and quality delivered by the Spectrum Compact Series from SAF Tehnika.


The overview of the instruments start at 03 min 15 sec:

SAF mm-Wave Spectrum Compact 56 – 67GHz Portable Analyzer Review, Teardown & Experiments



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Download user interface demo from Apple's AppStore

Did you there is a Spectrum Compact app for Apple iPhone to give you a feel for the touch-based User Interface? Try out the functionality with this new emulator, download it directly from the Apple App Store: http://bit.ly/_SAFAppStore