IMS2020 live demo of Over-The-Air mmWave measurement session

This year’s IMS2020 will surely be something different. But the online format is exciting because it allows more people from all over the world to participate in the event. We are looking forward to it and to meet everyone with an interest in MilliBox!

You can meet us on the Milliwave Silicon Solutions booth page from the 4th to 6th of August. There will be presentations and a demo video and you will have the opportunity to enter a live session with the MilliBox team. They will go through the software during a live OTA mmWave measurement.

Register to see MilliBox live at the IMS2020 Virtual Conference

Three steps will take you to MilliBox at IMS2020:

  1. Register for FREE as an IMS2020 Exhibit Attendee here:
  2. Use the password received as a part of the registration process to enter the virtual conference:
  3. Find the MilliBox booth here:
MilliBox OTA test setup

MilliBox software news

The Millibox team has published Release 17 of the software. It is their latest version of the Python code environment with numerous features added. Furthermore, it has had a significant code overhaul to keep it clean and easy to integrate into your code environment.

The UI has grown significantly since the first release. You can now list and select instrument resources, get current gimbal location and power measurement, start 1D/2D sweep, store your positions, do motor configurations, and much more directly from the UI.

The GPIB integration is expanding, and the MilliBox’s Python environment now directly supports R&S FSW, Keysight PXA, and MXG instruments. It still offers the generic instrument drivers for other manufacturers’ instruments, all through the PyVisa library.

The software is compliant with both GIM01 and GIM03 and it is delivered in source code.

MilliBox test chambers for radiation pattern measurements

MilliBox anechoic chambers and gimbal are modular, cost-effective and easy to use. Read more here.

The SAF Spectrum Compact is easily combined with the MilliBox test chambers and gimbals. Read how here.

MilliBox Original