Interview in Microwave Journal Oct 15th 2019:

“MilliBox is a family of modular, lab bench sized anechoic chambers and positioners for mmWave antenna radiation pattern measurements.

The chambers come in three standard sizes going from 80 cm to 2 m far-field capabilities. The absorber material we use is specific to mmWave and covers a range from 18 to 95 GHz with about 50 dB absorption. The frame and body are made of PVC, PLA and birch plywood. Unlike others, we try to avoid using metal as much as we can in our designs, because our experience shows that limiting stray reflection is much more important than interference shielding in mmWave measurements.

Our positioners, or gimbals, are capable of 360 degrees in both H and V directions down to sub-1 degree step size. This gives a full spherical plot of over 64,000 capture points. We have several sizes of gimbals to accommodate different sizes of devices under test, and the gimbals are controlled over USB with Python or MATLAB code which we provide in source. The positioner also comes with a crosshair laser pointer to achieve perfect alignment. “ 

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